28 January 2011

Exercise? No I don't think I have ever heard of that, what is it?

 Now I am in no way someone who exercises on a regular basis, in fact I would go as far to say I try and do everything to avoid moving in general at any point. But since coming to University the idea of a balanced diet has long gone and I honestly could not tell you what a fruit looks like, its been so long since I have had any! I really wish that last comment was an exaggeration.

I feel that not only am I starting to put on quite a bit of weight, my legs taking most of it, but my energy levels are down a lot which isn't good for University work or even staying out clubbing till 3am. So I invested in some exercise videos, the ones that go on sale every January and people purchase due to 'new years resolutions.' My experience with these is that they work for a few weeks and then the person doing them stops, certainly I have done that. But the only other option is to fork out around £30 a month for membership at a gym, where I won't know how to do or use a single thing and will end of resenting it due to the half an hour walk there and the other half an hour walk back. Right now an exercise video in the privacy of my own room that involves only rolling out of bed really does appeal, I just feel sorry for the person down stairs who hear me doing star jumps, I bet they think i'm up to something else!  

SO hopefully for the next few weeks I will start to get into a routine of doing around half an hour of exercise a day. However in the next few days you are bound to find out that in fact I stopped doing them the moment I finished writing this post! 

This pictures have nothing to do with the start of this post, they are just ones that I really like! I always forget where half these pictures come from usually I see them on other peoples blogs and save them in my 'inspirational images' folder. Yes I actually have one of them! Hope you have a very nice Friday evening and a great weekend :) 


  1. Wooo! Go you! I really should move my butt, perhaps getting some of those exercise videos is a better option for people who are shy of working out in front of others (well, me anyway :P)
    Also, did you know just sticking on some awesome music and jumping and bouncing around while doing the cleaning is a good work out aswell?
    Just cleaning up or wiggling about itself burns the caaaaaarrrbs! Lol
    Anyway good luck ;D

    Holly And the Ivy

  2. cool pictures!! With me it was just the same when I went to university, partying and eating not so healthy, while the year before I was sporting every day... But now it's my second year and I found a way: just go take a run or some aerobic lesson with friends, and it's so much fun! We even organise tennis tournaments between us haha :p Good luck with the sporting :)




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