04 January 2011

A joyful occasion & something special.

I realised that 2011 will be my 5th year of blogging. Thats a crazy number of years to have been sitting in front of a computer talking absolute rubbish. It amazes me that I even have people who follow my blog or attempt to read it. None the less it is very nice when I get a new follower or a nice comment, thank you.

I read a lot of blogs, some I follow but most I either have bookmarked or have linked in my blog list, I don't tend to comment on many blogs & only do so when I feel I have something relevant to say, which is hardly ever! Blogs are really a place and an excuses to spent the whole time talking about yourself yet its one of the reasons I adore reading other peoples blogs to see what they are up to.

The point of this post was to wish my Mother a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Because today is her birthday.

Mum, I love you lots. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 

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