22 January 2011

morning y'all

This was taken at around 10.30pm  Friday the 14th January when I should have been packing my stuff but instead thought it would be more fun and interesting to make a moustache.

This was about 8am on the Saturday 15th January when I was heading back to Uni. 

This was the other night when I couldn't sleep so decided photo-booth was a good way to go at around 2am.

And then this was me a few moments ago trying to reach my parents on the home phone before I remembered they were at Ikea!

So this week has been hectic and mad, as I mentioned before I have been at work experience since Tuesday through till Thursday so haven't had time to sit down and blog. The previous work experience post was a scheduled post due to knowing I would never write it for around 3 months! 

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  1. Hilarious!! Following your blog now, the pictures completely had me sold!



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