06 January 2011

non-resolutions Resolutions!

Now it may have come to your attention that these last three weeks all I have really been doing is working, sleeping and visiting family! SO far the only day I have had free with nothing on was last Saturday or Boxing Day (except boxing day doesn't count as I was ill). Today is really the first chance I have had to really sit and reflect on what I want to do this year.

I mentioned I wasn't going to make any New Years resolutions in one of my last posts, so instead I am going to share a few of my 'Ideas for 2011':

2011 means...

Not doing the above! 

Making my Uni room & Cheltenham feel more like my 'home' 
I need to become adapted and settled!

Doing something crazy/different with my hair!

Getting things done and actually doing 'stuff' in the first place. 

The other thing I plan on doing is reading more & listening to more music without opening my laptop, the internet needs to be rationed as it what I watch TV & Films on. It is where I read blogs from and inevitably where I end up spending a large amount of time. 

This is my 2011 Ideas! What are yours? 

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  1. whaha these are some great resolutions!! I especially like the 'pyjama'-one :) I always make resolutions, but just for fun, no serious ones :) If you want to know them, I put them in a post on my blog recently :)




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