11 February 2011

Can we really call this an achievement? I would just say she can talk the talk but she a'int about to walk the walk!

So today I felt it was time to update you on both my progress in The Douglas Coupland Challenge  & my exercise or what happened after I wrote that post.

1) I haven't finished the book micro-serfs. I KNOW! I was more than half way in January but alas the moment I went back to uni I just stopped!

Though I have progressed by 4 pages. But maybe I shouldn't be so proud of that considering many people and most people would have finished the book by now. I am a disgrace to all ex-booksellers and a disgrace to myself. I whole heartedly accept that!

2) I stopped the exercise right after that post. Just like I predicted I would. Another FAIL and another disappointment.

My god I am lazy. I have however watched a lot of television and films and have a wide knowledge to what is currently on out screens (big & small) but that will now help me pass exams or become fit! Only time it may become useful is in pub quizzes.

So while a lot of people have been sitting in offices doing work and keeping up with the current situation in Egypt I have been watching All About Steve (*****) and Sun, Sex & Suspicious Parents: The Aftermath.

This is what I look like on the train, while watching 10 things I hate about you. Yes ANOTHER FILM!

Not much to gloat about or really to openly announce to people. I should now go and hide under a rock while the real people go and achieve greatness! 

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