04 February 2011

Cinema TIME :)

These are 4 films I have seen in the last three weeks, they are really fantastic. 

Obviously The Kings Speech stands out as the best of the four as it combined both humour with the seriousness. The partnership of Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush is, in my humble opinion, what makes the film so fantastic, and the whole cast of the film is brilliant.

I went away from the cinema with a massive smile on my face. You will too! 

And below are just a 'few' films I can't wait to see. 

the fighter uk poster UK Poster For David O. Russell‘s The Fighter – Starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale & Amy Adams
barneys version poster UK Poster For Barneys Version   Starring Paul Giammatti, Dustin Hoffman & Minnie Driver

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  1. I thought Morning Glory was fantastic. It's rare to have a comedy that focuses on the lifestyle/work aspirations of the central character than her undying love for the man of her dreams.

    Also because Harrison Ford is secretly a comic genius.

    The King's Speech was outstanding and I hope Colin Firth wins his Best Actor!

  2. The kings speech was definitely Colin Firths best performance ever :)

    oh and Black Swan was AMAZING (so twisted) Definite must see xD
    enjoy :)

  3. These movies are all on my to-watch list!!

  4. The kings speech was absolutely fabulous! I totally agree! And Colin is such a charmer. x



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