02 February 2011

Egypt & Yasi

Today I realised that I haven't really achieved anything. When i'm not in lectures or on work experience I don't do anything productive.

I leave reading tasks till the last minute
I leave writing notes up till the week after
I leave washing clothes till I have none left
I put of cleaning my room till I really have no choice as I can't walk across the floor

I'm lazy. simple.

However stalking BBC News all day to watch live updates about the revolution in Egypt and then watching the 6 o'clock news stories and seeing the footage it really hit me. Why don't I apply myself? I have got into University and I have the ability to reach higher goals that I ever think I could, I need to motivate myself to put in the extra effort and to go that one step further.

Yes i'm lucky, I come from a middle class family where my parents can afford to help pay for me to go to University. My parents hold jobs that mean they have met a lot of different people in different industries such as the Events, it is through them I received my current work experience.

At home I don't think I realised how privileged I am and how lucky I am to have such a close family. But since coming to university I have taken it for granted even more. I haven't looked for a job, I EXPECT the money my parents give me each week to appear and in the back of my mind if anything was to go wrong I would just ring mummy and daddy. However I am not a spoilt, I didn't get what i wanted if i screamed and cried nor did my parents bow down to my every need. My parents taught me well, they told me to be realistic in what I did at university and even though at first they thought studying a degree in Events Management wouldn't get me far, now I think they understand if the effort is put in and the hard graft then I can make something for my self.

SO as tomorrow marks the start of the Chinese New Year I am going to APPLY MYSLEF.

Above image from Cairo, protests. 2/2/11
Shelters in Australia from Cyclone Yasi. 

And sometimes we all forget how lucky we are not to be in the positions above.
Good Luck & God Bless any and all in Queensland. 
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