28 February 2011

Hey, where the hell do you think you are going?

SO we have established that these last three weeks have been VERY busy for me. Thats means that I have been unable to blog for a while - no it's not because I cannot be bothered (however that is part of it) but because I haven't had internet. And I will not have internet next week either. Yes I know its devastation and must be really hard to go one week without checking if people have been tweeting me or reading all the blogs - in actual fact I really enjoyed my internet break. There was no unnecessary panic about things I just dealt with the situation in hand and the emails from my university.

Next week again I will not be blogging or reading blogs or facebooking. Tweeting will still happen but most of my time will be spent writing and reading study books for my assignment, working on the event and hanging out with my lovely mother.

Guys I will speak to you in around a weeks time. Have a great time!

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