20 February 2011

It is all about travel

Today, in around 2hr and 10 minutes, I will be off on my week of work experience, traveling from Cardiff to Milton Keynes, Swindon, Derby and Gateshead. To say the least I am very scared, mainly because this is quite a big deal and it's a whole week with people I don't really know doing something i'm not really sure about because I have NEVER done it before. It's that horrible feeling you get on a Sunday night before school on Monday - dread.

I properly will not have internet for the next week. Just like I didn't have internet last week when I went to Leicester to visit 3 of my friends. A very very fun time. 

LDN FASHION WEEK is happening at the moment, there seem to be some very strong collections this season and I keep getting hundreds of tweets about it all - cannot wait to actually sit down and admire them all. 

Sorry for the lack of updates and internet freeze just a very busy time in my calendar. 

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