12 February 2011

Man, thats a waste of time! Think of all the sunshine she misses while staring at that 15inch screen all day!

Wow 500 posts and 3 years and 6 months of blogging. I have to admit thats a lot of staring at a computer screen and writing about how much GCSEs suck and A Levels sucks and that exams are the most frustrating thing ever and my life is so hard because I am having to decide what University to go to and plan my whole darn future. AND BREATHE! 

How in Gods name have I stuck with this for so long? And also why the hell are you reading this rubbish? Lets be totally honest it isn't like I come out with anything that is worthwhile I just seem to string sentences together and hope they make sense and that the spelling is 'alright'. 

So I took this idea from Kara, to get to know YOU the person who for some strange and weird reason reads my ramblings and complaints. I have started with my answers and it would be wonderful if you told me some stuff about you. 

Name? Caitlin. No shortened version just simple Caitlin.
Where you from, homie? A city called St Albans, in Hertfordshire just outside the Capital City of LDN. However I am currently living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire while I study at the University of Gloucestershire. 
Do you like cheese? YES! It's all about Cheddar.
How many songs are in your iTunes? 574 songs. And yes I have a terrible music taste - but I don't give a damn about what you think because I bet secretly you love to dance to Justine Bieber! 
How many DVDs do you own? A lot! I would say over 100, I am hands down a film buff. 
Lost or Alias? LOST.Without a doubt! 
Something I should know about you? I was born premature by 12 weeks.
Do you have a blog or twitter or flickr or... whatever? Of course. www.blogbykobrak.com & @blogbykobrak on twitter.


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