10 February 2011

Out staying my welcome.

So right now I should be holding my overnight bag standing, preferably drinking a costa coffee, waiting for my train to take me back to Uni. Instead I am sitting with wet hair on the floor of my bedroom at home, without the costa coffee. Yep thats rights I am staying home an extra few nights.

Coming in last night at 11.30 and going up to say goodnight to Mum I realised that these 2 and a half days have gone way to fast than the 1 and 3/4 days I am used to having at the weekend. This, I established, is down to the fact that both my brother and dad were at school/work and I only saw them when they came in for a few short hours. SO I have extended my stay as mum offered to drive me back to Cheltenham on Sunday morning instead.

Works out perfect - apart from missing one lecture. Now to get on with my reading tasks! 

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