10 March 2011

"Hit the Road Running"

I redesigned the blog last night because I couldn't sleep and I felt it needed uplifting. I am sorry to anyone who cannot read some of the stuff on the side, can't quite get the right colour of text due to my background image. Which I picked due to the fact I write most of my blog posts in my uni room on/in my bed and I felt that image best represented my current state of room! And before anyone asks, that picture was not taken by me it is one I had in an old folder of pictures on my computer.

So today the sky is a dark blue/grey, the sort of colour that makes you think it is going to rain, and I don't really have anything to do today because I handed in my assignment yesterday and finished my book as well as watching and catching up with all my television shows. Which brings me nicely to this small and not very interesting pocket of information: I'M BORED OF TELEVISION!

It isn't like there isn't any good shows on at the moment, in fact there are TOO many great shows on TV such as Silk, The Model Agency, Junior Doctors, Jamie's Dream School, Great British Hairdresser etc. But my Brain has just become exhausted of watching television. And not just that I am bored of watching films as well. It is like those two weeks away from the internet and television was a massive detox and now i'm unable to go back to the time before and surround myself with mind numbing and pointless crap.

Yet this next thing totally contradicts what was just said because in the newest episode of Glee (AMERICAN TIME) they sing a Dixie Chicks song called 'Landslide' from their Album 'Home'. It is a beautiful song that always reminds me of sitting in the car with my mum, no idea where we were driving too, singing at the top of our voices to this song. Me and Mum have a few people we seem to listen to together in the car that consist of three bands/artists The Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban & our newest addition Teddy Thompson - I think we would fit in very well in a county music state in America!

What else can I tell you about this week? Not much as it has been very quiet!

Well hope you have a nice afternoon! 

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