15 March 2011

sentimental feelings!

This time next week I shall be back at home for a few days as my cousins and aunt are coming over for spring break from Portland, Oregon. I am very excited to see them as it has been just under two years since we last saw them and thats quite a long time not to see family. As well as getting to see them I also get to see my parents and brother which makes me very happy because I do miss them everyday, mainly because I miss out family meals! And not for the reason YOU are thinking, even though not having to cook is so much nicer, but in fact I miss sitting around the table with them and having arguments about how loud the music is and whether dad in fact has any good taste in music (or in hair styles for that matter!)

I think this weekend and feeling ill has made me quite homesick and I am glad that I get to go home on Monday. I may have spend a week with my mum but it's been about a month since I have been with the other two!

And yes this is a sentimental post but what else do you expect from an ill 18 year old who is in her first year living away from home?

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