22 March 2011


The problem with me is whenever I am planning of going home I am packed and ready to go too many hours in advance and then I have hours to pass when all i can think about is getting on the train. Take for example yesterday when I was packed the night before and got up at 7am to straighten my hair by 8.20am I was ready for my lectures and to go home. I have 40 minuets to waste. Then I come back to my room at 11.30 and have 3 hours of so to fill up my time. I send out a few important emails - take about 20 minuets, then I return library books - 10 minuets, download some sample books for my kindle and start to read a book - 1 hour. By then I still have another hour and a half to fill. What do I do?

Drink too much coffee and too much water and start to feel a little bit ill. Mainly because caffeine doesn't help my already hyper mood. This post (written on the 21st March) has taken so far 2 minuets to write. Still have 20 minuets to spare. I think i have established pretty quickly that I can get over excited about things and because I don't like to be late I arrive and am ready WAY TOO EARLY!

It's not good!

I am actually shaking right now, too much coffee! I have no idea if this post makes any sense of if the spelling is correct, I can't really focus much attention on writing this! Lets just add some pictures of random stuff to make this post much more exciting!

by the way I changed my background image to reflect my excitement for the warmer months! 

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