06 March 2011

What you need to look out for.

Whenever you come back from a holiday or trip without internet there are a few things that you have to be prepared for when you connect up again.

Firstly the numerous emails that will have stacked up, around 99% of them being newsletters you forgot you signed up for.

Then there is Facebook.
You see the number of notifications and think "so many FRIENDS I need to catch up with." BUT then you look at the list and see that all of them are either from A) someone who went on a tagging spree. B) 'friends' you don't even know inviting you x event or C) the annoying game requests people send out for no apparent reason.

And lastly there is all the television you missed all conveniently placed online for you to watch. Obviously this means that the next 24 hours are spend continuously watching television shows, or maybe that is just a student thing. What you mean its JUST ME who does that! Oops!

After two weeks (not including last weekend) of NO internet I have learnt that you have to be prepared and ready to turn it back on. Take for example last week where I actually started to read a book which I haven't done properly since christmas, its called 'When God was a Rabbit' and is FANTASTIC.

I didn't watch any television or films till Friday night and I had a fantastic time, however now that the internet is connected up again (its been 4 hours) I am finding it very hard to write my assignment. Which isn't at all good as it is due in tomorrow!

So remember you need to be ready to turn back on the internet and be prepared for the consequences that will occur.

SO my tip for you is

"do all the important bits before you sacrifice yourself back to the internet" 

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