07 April 2011

sun sun sun

The sky in cheltenham is as blue as the sky in my background image from Nice last summer. Yesterday and today have been really nice weather, except I couldn't enjoy it yesterday because I was inside the library working on my two assignments. I spend from 9am till 2pm on Tuesday in the LRC to go back at 8pm till 1am and then return the following morning (Wednesday) at 9.50 till 2pm and back again at 7.30 till 10pm. And that was me DONE! everything single part of my two assignments finished and gone! So today  I had a lie in and am now enjoying the sun by wearing my pink shorts and flipflops!

Obviously right now I would prefer to be at home with all my friends enjoying the sun with them, because sadly here my best friend is currently at the beach and the rest are doing their assignments. SO knowing that all my amazing friends are in STA and being free makes me sad when little old me is kinda all alone today!

However I am off out tonight in celebration of handing in ALL assignments & end of term party time! Quite excited for it all!

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