04 April 2011

Why do you blog?

I just read this post  & for some reason it sparked a strong opinion that I have about blogging and why people do it.

I have mentioned on this blog before that I write it because I want to & I know I try to think of posts you may want to read but thats because I like having a purpose & something to achieve. I now have 32 followers, which means that there are 32 wonderful people who get updated when I blog, do i think all 32 people read it every time? Not really, do I think other people read this other than the 32 followers? Yes, I know other people do because both my parents have it saved in their bookmarks and regularly check up on it.

However because I have been writing on here for almost 4 years I  don't go out looking for followers, am I grateful if people do? Hell yes, it makes me feel good. But I started this blog to keep family updated with my life and now I use it to keep friends and family in the loop with university however more than that it is a memory box for me. I can look back to June 2008 and see that it was all about Exams, Feelings, Hair (which embarrasses me now) and thinking I could afford a mini. I don't remember a specific amount about 2008 apart from GCSEs and even though that was 3 years ago I have changed a lot. I can now look back at these posts and laugh about how naive I was (though I still am so not sure that counts) and read about what I was thinking back then. It is a wonderful thing to be able to do.

I maybe have a strong & harsh opinion on blogging as I think it should be personal. I am sick and tired of seeing more of the same types of blogs where people post their daily outfits & discuss all the designers because they want to work in the fashion industry. There are so many fashion blogs out there, with the same things going round & round, yet we already have those establish bloggers who have made their blog a big thing and who have that area covered. Leave it to those guys to find the followers and instead take comfort in knowing that what you write now will be invaluable to you in years to come.

I think what i am really trying to say is  JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT TO BUT KEEP IT ORIGINAL LIKE YOU!

Rant over..

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  1. hi I read your comment on that post and I would like to share my opinion with you ! I agree that blogging should be about you likiou happy to write, it shouldnt be all about attracting followers! I have started to blog about 3 months ago and I have 3 followers. Its nice to write but you want somebody to read and care or else why have a blog ?You should write in a diary or something ! I get kinda disappointed although I try not to think about it ! Anyway, I would really like to continue the convesation !


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