31 May 2011

BATH trip 2011

I have just been sorting out all the pictures on my computer, as you do on a sunny day when you have nothing else to do, and I realised there has been a lot I have done over the last few months that I never told you about. And considering BlogByKobrak has been lacking in posts due to the concentration on I'M A DAMN STUDENT, WHAT DO I KNOW? I felt that it would be good to show you whats been happening in my life.

Starting with the pictures from when I went to Bath for the King James Bible Reading Challenge for a week of Work Experience, (which shall be written about on my Event Blog here)

If you have never been, then go. It is just like walking back to a Jane Austen novel!

My Mum fell in love with Bath, and it is hard not to, because it is a stunning place. It helps if you are there when it is sunny but even with the rain the breathtaking buildings are still magnificent!

I was working most of the time but I still went on a bus tour of the City, ate dinner at fantastic restaurants including Jamie's Italia, shopped around and went to a few of the Bath Lit Festival events. I was here for a week staying in a bed and breakfast and the YMCA and I will definitely be going back. Why? because it is a beautiful place. 

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