23 May 2011

bed sheets and pasta

I only have a few days left in this small but homely university bedroom, as i travel back to my home town down the dusty roads on Wednesday. As much as I am looking forward to coming home and enjoying the summer with family & friends I know I will miss being in Cheltenham, I can't say I took on the typical university student ways this year as I didn't but there is something to be said to having more independence. If you would have asked me 8 months ago if I liked living on my own I would have said no, but over the last (university timed) year I feel I have grown more independent or at least taken to student eating habits!

I enjoy living in my small room as since Christmas I have made a strong effort to make it feel more like me but I really cannot wait to move in to our new house over the summer. My first rented house! so excited.


  1. This is very interesting! That is true I also experienced that but college life is fun. Enjoy it!

  2. You have done really great work. Currently I am also on the hunt for the bed sheets for my kids.

  3. Childrens bedding sets are made from material that will last for considerable time and by choosing the right ones you can move the set from one room to another as you redecorate and upgrade rooms.


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