21 May 2011


The last time I properly posted was on the 7th of April, more than a month ago. And stuff has happened since then, but this break has been the first one where I really thought I might have to give up blogging on Blogbykobrak due to the simple fact that I had no desire to update it, hence the weird and infrequent updates that I have posted.

I have now officially finished my first year at university, in fact I finished last Friday after my finance exam. SO you would think after a week I would have had time to blog and discuss my interesting life as a student, well no. The thing is I can always find something else to do with my time, mostly watch crazy amounts of television or read countless blogs, I am a serial procrastinator and I can't help it!

I have received a few emails lately to do with event management so have decided to re-start the event management series. And if you ever have any questions about anything to do with events, just give me an email and I will try and answer them. caitlinkobrak@gmail.com

I have opted for the I-WISH-I-WAS-IN-PRIMARY-SCHOOL-LOOK today 

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