04 June 2011

Journey number 2 to tell you about! Cleeve Hill

A trip to CLEEVE HILL in May 2011

Because I am a City Girl, born in London & raised just outside,  I find it very hard to accept the countryside, don't get me wrong I think it is stunning and brilliant, but I could never give up the concrete buildings and busy streets. However that being said I now live in Cheltenham which is in the Cotswolds, countryside capital! Therefore it would be a crime not to go and explore the outside world that is around me, I took a walk with a uni friend to Cleeve Hill, which is the highest point in both the Cotswold & Gloucestershire. Even though we didn't attempt to reach the top, the views we saw were stunning regardless, and I shall defiantly be going back! 

If you find yourself in the Cotswolds then Cleeve Hill is a beautiful place to visit just to get to see the wonderful views of the wonderful country side, and hey for every City girl just remember you can always return to the iron city you are used to!

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  1. I know exactly how you feel. I just moved from Sydney into a country town by myself not knowing a single person. I miss the city. The noise, the people, the culture... but in saying that there's nothing nicer than slowing down everything and taking a deep breath of freedom.



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