11 July 2011

News of the World

I have quite a few posts in drafts that I really need to finish before Friday as I am off to Portland, OR and Seattle or three weeks. One of these posts is about digital publishing (thats the one which is taking a while) so hopefully shall keep you entertained and informed.

I also have a fair few draft posts for I'm a damn student, what do I know? about my internship at Greenbelt which I finished a week and a half a go, I hope to finish them and get them published over the next month so that the blog is updated while I am away.

However the topic I want to talk about it this issue with the News of the World and the appalling behaviour of the phone hackings, which has dominated the news since the 7th July, last Thursday. I won't reiterate what the story is, but I am shocked about how the hacked into Milly Dowler's phone. I have always trusted newspapers more than any news programme on television just because they have been around for longer, sort of how you may trust the words of your grandparents rather than that of a 13 year old child. Therefore the News of the World story has really made me think about who we can trust, for years my parents have read The Times newspaper and for the most part I had always thought it trustworthy, and how could I not with Caitlin Moran as part of the team; but it is owned my News International and since the Sunday Times today was said to have targeted Gordon Brown I am now not sure where I should go to get reliable, independent and trustworthy information.

The easiest way to gain information is to first gain trust, then forge a friendship - you tell your best friends more personal information than you would ever give to a total stranger. So why did News of the World feel the need to hack the phones of people all around the world, from celebrities to the families of soldiers. Surely they could play the game fairly?

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