08 August 2011

London Riots *update* UK RIOTS

It would be very hard to come back and not talk about the London Riots that have been taking place these last three days. How could I talk about my holiday and the things I did when next door to me these riots are taking place? What is going on is pure violence and stealing, there is no cause or reason for what is going on.

I am actually quite scared and sadden about what is happening due to having friends and family all around London and it shocks me that people are setting fire to peoples homes and businesses, isn't it bad enough with the current cuts and problems without stupid idiots making people homeless and unemployed?

The other shocking thing is the idea that we should all feel grateful that David Cameron is cutting his holiday short, he should have been coming back earlier today after all the reports of a second night of violence because this is happening in the Capital City of the country he represents, and please don't get me started on Boris Johnson.

I think the most shocking thing is that these rioters are damaging their own local community just to go home with some 'free' stuff that they are stealing such as electronics & clothes. It is just damaging not only the image of young people but the lives of the people living in central and greater London.

Along with that there is the ridiculous riots and looting in Birmingham which shows just how bored some people are and how stupid yet harming these riots are to everyone. It is sicking to see a few groups young people making a mockery of all young people around the UK, just like how the education protests when they became violent harmed our cause this violence will never help anyone.

I am shocked and cannot get past how horrible this situation is becoming. I just hope that my friends and family in London are OK and that they stay safe tonight.

If you want to keep up to date with the riots happening all over the UK BBC News are doing a fantastic live coverage on their website CLICK HERE.

And this youtube video by Rosianna is really fantastic so CLICK HERE to watch that.

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