14 August 2011


Both pictures at Escape to NY (found on tumbler) 

I get it, lack of posts! I do have tons of pictures to show you from my three weeks in the States but I haven't yet got round to uploading them to my computer due to the fact I have been on antibiotics for 6 days and had my tooth pulled out on Thursday. Both of which have meant I have had to watch three seasons of Torchwood and sleep in bed till 2 in the afternoon - thats obviously what the doctor orders (or dentist in my case) 

I promise from the bottom of my heart that I shall be posting some REAL great posts over the next week, both on here & I'm a damn student, what do I know? . I think I just needed a few months off from blogging and getting back in to spending time with friends at home before I head back to university. 

Right now I really want to be living in a teepee and wearing a headdress - sadly the English weather does not allow this and it's not really socially expectable! Such a shame :( 

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