02 September 2011

19 years old now! I think thats a lie!

There is something to be said about turning 19. I didn't wake up Wednesday morning feeling like I was more mature, I doubt that will ever happen, but I do feel 'different'. I think this feeling has more to do with Greenbelt and my internship than my birthday, I managed to stay alive and still awake at the end of the week at Cheltenham Racecourse for the Greenbelt Festival Weekend - I am in the process of writing about it on my Event Blog here!

My birthday was a nice one and the first one where my parents haven't been home - so to fill the gapping hole in my heart over the fact work was deemed more important than me turning 19, I had my friends come over instead! And as this was the last of the 19th celebrations we acted in a mature manner by playing party games. My personal favourite being 'Stick the cake on the Caitlin' - the theme for the party was THE LETTER C! We had a pack of cards, the cat in the hat, Justin Bieber (child star) and Clippy from Microsoft word along with many others come along for the celebrations which made the day even more fun!

I didn't take any pictures myself so have to wait for when my friends post some on facebook - I promise then to show you some!

Here is a picture of Wedgehead Uglydoll my parents gave me & of the Unicorn from Despicable Me that my little Brother got me! You wouldn't guess from my presents that it was my 19th!

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