05 October 2011

Back it starts again

University if back to its normal self, after completing the first week of lectures everything is starting to make sense again. Plus it is busier, which personally I love and thrive off, and I feel like I have a lot more to give this year.

I do have one thing I need to get off my chest, the damn weather! All of last week I felt like I was back in America at the hight of the heat wave not in Gloucester on a late September day and then this morning I wake up to a grey sky and rain. Please weather man stop with the sudden changes!

On the topic of sudden changes how are all the people starting Uni finding it? I find it strange that now when I go home there is no one around, I have to actually spend time with my family!

I am about to dash out to a volunteers dinner with the Cheltenham Lit Fest, check out my other blog here to hear about all my work experience - been writing a fair few posts this last week for it!

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