29 October 2011

take time and think

These last few weeks have been hectic, we might as well admit that October was a write off. I read so many blogs and get inspired so often but the idea of writing down everything I feel just seems too time consuming, I like to do things and visualise them, when I have an idea I act on it and am very bad at being patient. Therefore when things get busy with work and uni the things that I enjoy doing, such as blogging, fall to the wayside.

But fear not, there are a few exciting things happening over the next month and I shall be making time to blog blog away!

I found out some sad news when I came home last night, it is the sort of news that makes you think about your life, what you are doing and where are trying to go. It re-enforced the idea that life is how you make it and to do what you feel happy and confident doing.

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