04 January 2012

2012 US Presidential Election.

In keeping with the theme of Political interests 2012 will not only be an exciting year for the London Olympics and the Queen's jubilee but also there is the small thing called the AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

Where were you in 2008? I personally was reading BBC News and CNN watching and reading about John McCain and President Obama. Then Sarah Palin joined the picture. O how the campaign changed.

I won't pretend to be a great understander of American Politics, I am however a supporter on democracy and voting. There is a massive difference between American and British elections, I personally think that the US have more exciting ones but that could be down to the fact there are only 2 main parties and many more people voting. Not to mention that you also have organisations like Rock the Vote and shows such as The West Wing that get people more aware and involved in state and national elections.

The UK isn't like that, we have three main political parties; Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats. Three political parties that are made up of MPs (members of Parliament) who lack the ability to engage young people. We have political shows, sure The Thick of It and Yes, Minister - both satirical sitcoms.

In America you vote for the candidate to head each party, whereas in the UK you vote for the party not the individual.

Briton is a small country in comparison to North America, according to the 2001 Census the UK has 58,789,194 million people where as the US (estimated for 2011) has 312,890,000 million people thats a difference of over 254 million people.

 I have voted once, sadly it wasn't for the 2010 general election, but for the Alternative Vote Referendum of 2011 where I was one of the 6,152,607 people who voted for a change.

It saddens me that Political education in the UK isn't compulsory regardless of the fact that it is about everyones future, that both the UK and US don't have enough female and ethnic minority politicians that are representative of their country. But most of all I am shocked of the disinterest in politics in the UK and the lack of engagement with the younger generations and the 18 to 25 year olds.

So this year I will be waiting for the 6th of November 2012 to see if President Obama wins a second term. Because on the 5th November 2008, I was right here.

(also I just found out that Michele Bachmann suspended her campaign for President today 4/1/12!) 

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