06 January 2012

New blogs to read? Do you have any good ones?

I have been trying to find some interesting blogs that steer away from the world of fashion and beauty. Not because I don't want to read any of them, but there seems to be a steady stream of the same types of blogs out there.

I spent an hour today looking through people's followers and reading their blogs, in the 25 I looked at 23 were fashion related and the other two had no blog posts.

Instead of just reading news sites and political commentaries I really want to find blogs where real people talked about their personal opinions of things such as the USA elections, general news coverage and life.

Considering the internet is becoming the place where procrastinators and teenagers alike spend their time keeping up to date with the Kardashians and the World news, I would have thought there would be more blogs that have people talking about their own opinions on certain issues.

I don't mean the negative comments about the people who may enter the CBB House tonight on Channel five but more along the lines of reading peoples opinions about Obama's new Strategy for a 'leaner' US military and wether they think it is a good or bad idea. I just want to read about the books people have been reading, websites they have visited. Some original blogs that aren't about getting followers or of people trying to become fashion bloggers in the ever competitive area where they are thousands of the same blogs with different names.

I read some brilliant fashion blogs already such as The Man Repeller, Style Bubble and Coco's Tea Party and have tons listed on my blog list but now its 2012 a year of massive changes and great events, and I want to hear about them as well.


...do you know of any good blogs for me to read? 


  1. Do you want blogs specifically about politics? I don't read a lot of fashion or political blogs, but I do know a lot of wonderful blogs about... um... life, I guess. It's such an interesting way to get to know people. Let me know if you want any recommendations from this "category."

  2. hey, i completely agree with you, its getting more and more difficult to find blogs not related to fashion, beauty and babies :)


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