29 March 2012

These past two weeks have been quite hard, I sadly found out that two family friends had passed away. One was expected and we were prepared in as much as you can be, however it was still upsetting to hear the news. But with the funeral I attended on Monday (26th March) this was a massive shock, I had only found out the week prior that he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been given 3 to 6 months. Before that had a chance to sink in and before I was able to go and say anything he passed away.

When people say things happen in 3's they aren't lying. Earlier in February a great friend passed away after years of illness and then within days of each other I find out the sad news of these family friends.

It's been a weird few weeks that have just made me think of Ratan's funeral, a brilliant Man who I have grown up with most of my life and I will always known to be part of my family. He is my Aunt's father and passed away in 2010 and whilst the rest of my family went to the funeral I looked after my young cousin who was around 2 at the time. I think I will always wish I had a chance to say goodbye properly because sometimes it does't hit me that he passed away, just that I haven't seen him for a long time.

Funerals are always sad but I just remember the good times I had with them. 

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